Jo Grant was born in Hobart, Tasmania, and through her love of animals and the natural world she moved to a rural area where she currently lives. 

When identifying the important things in her life she readily offers that family is number one, then studying, reading, watching films, loving her animals and musing on things geological, which all take up a good deal of her time. Though planning and thinking about her next photoshoot is always on her mind.

She graduated from TAFE Tasmania with a Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design) in 2001 and ran her own graphic design business. She later studied Earth Sciences at the University of Tasmania, however, realising that she did not see her future working in the mining industry, she began a photography major at the School of Creative Arts (SOCA) at the University of Tasmania in 2015.

A solo exhibition of Grant's photos opens at the Entrepot Gallery / Hunter St / Hobart on April 5th and runs till 24th April, 2019.

As an emerging artist, Grant intends to further her study by completing Honours and to exhibit her work both locally and nationally.